Glasstic Water Bottle Review

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Glasstic Water Bottle Review

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Glasstic Water Bottles

Glasstic Water Bottle Review

Glasstic Water Bottle Review 1

© Glasstic Water Bottle

Glasstic sent me a water bottle to review. I didn’t think I would ever recommend a glass water bottle, yet own one in fear of it breaking. Boy am I wrong! This is truly a unique water bottle for a few reasons.

The BPA free plastic shell is shatterproof and protects the glass. If the glass was to break, it would break safely inside the plastic. As you can see in the photo above. I have owned many water bottles over the years, yet I never had one with a Life Time Warranty on all parts.

Glasstic Water Bottle Review 2

© Glasstic Water Bottle
  • BPA/Toxin-Free
  • Eco Friendly
  • Double Walled
  • FREE Lifetime Warranty on all parts
  • 100% Shatterproof
  • Leak-Free Flip Cap


The water bottle is dishwasher safe, which is a plus in my busy household. To wash the water bottle you simply screw off the top, and bottom base. Pushing down on the glass bottle it will exit the outer plastic shell.

Top shelf of your dishwasher is the best.Although the product is safe to clean in the dishwasher, it is recommended that the plastic outer shell and silicone pieces be washed be hand.

The Perfect Fundraiser

Glasstic Fundraiser
Glasstic the perfect fundraiser

Change the way you raise funds for your nonprofit organization. Perfect for daycare centers, schools, sports, and more. Being a mom, I had to do my share of fundraising. Most fundraisers are the same thing which is gift wrap paper, or food. To be honest the food is over price. Click the button for information regarding your next fundraiser.

Personalized Your Water Bottle

Glasstic Water Bottle Review 6
©Custom printed Glasstic Water Bottle

This is one of the best fundraisers’ I have ever seen. Customers are able to order water bottles and personalized them with the children’s name. Schools can personalize the water bottles with school logo, name, and colors. Makes the perfect sports fundraiser or gift!

The Personalized water bottles are availabe to purchase any time! You don’t need a fundraiser to create your personalized unique waterbottle.

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Glasstic partner up with Seasons by Lisa to do a giveaway. Don’t want to wait for the giveaway? Claim your 10% off coupon now, and start creating your unique water bottle.

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Glasstic Glass Water Bottle Giveaway

*update*- This is now closed. Congratulations to Joy Fears for winning the Glasstic Water Bottle***

Enter below for a chance to win a Glasstic Water Bottle of your choice. Open to USA residents only.

Giveaway -Glasstic Shatterproof Glass Water Bottle

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